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  • 2019 HQ Nationals EOI:

    HQ Nationals 2019, 13th - 15th September Expression of Interest:

    HQRA South Australia is excited to be hosting the 2019 HQ Nationals at Australia’s newest race circuit, The Bend Motorsport Park.

    Date: September 13th -15th 2019

    Venue: The Bend Motorsport Park, Tailem Bend

    Entry Fee: At this stage an entry fee of approximately $800.00 is anticipated. This will include Friday practice.

    There will be the option of a garage or carport to hire at an extra cost, to be confirmed at a later date.

    To enable us to prepare for the event we would appreciate all interested competitors completing the expression of interest form below and returning ASAP to oldreynellacrash@bigpond.com or mail to: HQ Racing SA, c/- Old Reynella Crash, 229c Old South Rd Reynella SA 5159.


  • 2018 HQ Nationals News:

    HQ Nationals 2018, 16th - 18th August:

    Congratulations to Rod Raatjes - winner of the 2018 HQ Nationals.

    Full Results:

    To download a full set of results, CLICK HERE.

    Event Images:

    To view and purchase images from the event, click on the gallery links below:



  • 2018 HQ Nationals Important Information:

    HQ Nationals 2018, 16th - 18th August Important Information:

    Please find links to Important Event Documents below:


    The Dinner on Saturday night is booked solid for 270 people so please make sure you're at the venue no later than 6:30pm for a 7:00pm dinner start.

    Car Transporters:

    If your cars are coming on Transporters to Phillip Island, you have a couple of options with regards to track access.

    1) Any commercial car carriers coming from interstate, or teams with enclosed trailers, fifth wheel, etc. will be able to access the Contractor's Compound from Wednesday15th.  (Access to the circuit proper, i.e. the infield will not be permitted until Friday morning from 7:00am).

    Upon arrival, please enter via Gate 2 on Back Beach Rd and proceed towards the security checkpoint outside gate 7. Stop prior to Lukey Dr and proceed on foot to the security checkpoint. Advise the attendant that you competing in the HQ Nationals and that you require access to the Contractor's Compound to drop a trailer and/or unload racecar(s). The guard will direct you from there and unlock the gates to the compound. (Please see diagram below).

    2) Transports will also have access to inside the circuit, via the Gap Road Gate, on Friday morning at 7:00AM.  You will need to contact Phillip Island Operations on (03) 59522710 to arrange access through this gate.  You NEED to ask them when you can leave via that gate as they normally open it after racing has finished on Sunday afternoon, for a short time, so I doubt you can leave on Monday through there.

    If you have any queries, please contact:

    Rod Raatjes

    Secretary - HQRC Vic Inc

    Phone: 0422 233 266


  • 2018 Expression of Interest:

    HQ Nationals 2018, 16th - 18th August Expression of Interest:

    HQRA Victoria is pleased to announce that we will be hosting the 2018 HQ Nationals at the iconic Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit.

    Date: August 16 to 18, 2018
    Venue: Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit
    Entry Fee: It is hoped that the Entry Fee will be approximately $700.00 and will include a Pit Lane Garage and Friday Practice.

    Expression Of Interest
    In order for the Victorian HQRA Committee to better prepare for the event, lock down Entry Fees, set a schedule and track time with the Promoters and provide a suitable catering facility, we are asking for Expressions Of Interest to gauge indicative competitor numbers.
    This will also help us to try and secure you a Pit Lane Garage so first in, best dressed.
    Please download and complete the below form and email it through to
    secretary@hqracingvic.org or alternatively snail mail it to the address on the top of this form.


    HQ Racing 30th Anniversary, Baskerville Raceway

    21st -23rd September 2018:

    HQRA Victoria is pleased to announce that we will be hosting the 2018 HQ Nationals at the iconic Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit.

    September 21 - 23, 2018
    Venue: Baskerville Raceway

    Expression Of Interest
    Expressions of interest are now being sought for the 2018 HQ 30th Anniversary to be held in September at the Pepsi Max Baskerville Raceway as part of the annual Historic Race meeting.


    Due to limited places please download the form below and ensure it is returned ASAP:

    Contact: Sue Ashlin

    Email: Suzanne.ashlin@dhhs.tas.gov.au

    Ph: 0438 516370

    Postal: 71 Gardenia Road, Risdon Vale, Tas 7016



  • 2017 HQ Nationals Event Report:

    As everyone winds back down from the weekend or arrives back home we want to extend a big thank you to everyone who made the HY-GEN HQ Nationals 2017 a great event.


    A huge number of cars made the journey west including 9 from Tasmania, 5 from South Australia, 5 from Queensland, 3 from Victoria and 2 from NSW. Additionally 19 local WA cars competed, making for a huge field of 43 cars.


    Congratulations to Brett Osborn on taking out the National title (his 2nd). Also well done to 2nd place Joel Heinrich and WA's Marc Watkins for 3rd place. The racing was a lot tighter than everyone expected with the track's low grip and tricky corners proving a great equaliser. Any number of cars could have taken out the final with no clear favourite coming forward during the heats.


    Awards presented:

    Best Presented: Andrew Bird

    Hard Charger: Graham Boulter

    Most Entertaining: Gary Bonwick

    Mr Motormouth: Ryan Davis


    A shout out to all officials, marshals and volunteer crews for their assistance over the race meeting. Our sponsors HY-GEN, Acciari's Butchers, AM Diagnostics, Southwest Hydroponics and Vanity Rides for making the event possible. The HQ Racing WA committee for putting it all together and the WASCC for all their assistance.



  • Message from the Nationals President RE HQ Nationals 2017:

    Hi All


    I would like to start by congratulating WA on a very successful hosting of the 2017 HQ National Title.


    The hospitality, catering and organisation was an absolute credit to the organising committee.


    The overall event was a great success from the National perspective, the race vehicles were presented well, the driving standards were excellent, the safety car was not required for any of the HQ events ALL weekend. The future of our category is looking very healthy. There should not be a competitor doubting the eligibility of any of the race vehicles and the driving standard could not be faulted with all cars minus a few mechanical issues going home in an almost race ready condition.




    There was much planning prior to the event between Colin and myself to ensure all entered cars were not to be considered “cheaters”. Unfortunately Colin Roper became ill, however was hoping to have clearance by Friday afternoon to attend, this did not happen so I was appointed as the Eligibility Officer with Ben Simpson QLD and Wayne Nichols TAS (State appointed Eligibility Officers) as the Technical Officers. On the Friday pre event inspections of safety items, paperwork and tyre marking were conducted by the WA Scrutineers where various small safety concerns were addressed to their satisfaction.


    8 Cars were scaled with no infringements  after the qualifying session.


    The total field was impounded in Parc Ferme after the completion of Race 1 where carburettor’s, distributor’s and fuel was tested with no infringements.


    The total field was then scaled with one competitor going under weight, all competition points were taken from the entrant as the penalty for the infringement.


    After Race 2 the first 3 place getters and 2 random competitors from both heats were tested on the dif rollers and ride height was checked with no infringements.


    The top 10 cars and 2 random cars were then selected for a comprehensive inspection of:-

    •         Complying valve springs

    •         Dif ratio and free dif operation

    •         Gearbox internal inspection of correct cluster gear (correct tooth count), reverse gear intact and complying syncro rings

    •         Fly wheel weight and dimension check


    Note: 2 vehicles did not 100% comply, (non-compliant fly wheel, light by 200 grams and dif considered to be too tight) with regard to the dif it was passed when tested on the roller when tested after its heat. Consultation by the 2 Technical Officers deemed no race advantage had been achieved however the fly wheel was to be replaced and the dif was completely disassembled where a shim was noted to be damaged and therefore be repaired.


    One competitor refused to comply with the checks requested and withdrew his entry from the event. This matter has been referred to the State of the entrant for further investigation and explanation.


    A drivers meeting was held with the 11 competitors to advise of the above and were asked if were happy with the outcome and no future issues would come of the findings and decisions that were made. All agreed and the event continued.


    As a token of good gesture I approved for the National body to fund the cost of gaskets and oil that was required for the eligibility testing that was conducted on the 11 cars.


    A 15 minute test session was arranged for the 11 cars that had duly completed the required tests, the competitor with the minor diff issue was rechecked with the Chief event Scrutineer at the conclusion of the 15 minute session (when hot), the dif operation was free to the satisfaction of myself and the Chief Scrutineer.


    I would suggest that an amendment to our dif checking procedure should be discussed at the AGM. I would suggest the following method of checking be adopted:-

    Test vehicle be jacked under the dif until both rear wheels are off the ground, one wheel is to be then rotated, the non-rotated wheel is to remain still or rotate in opposite direction of rotated wheel. If this is not the case the dif will be suspect and further investigation will be required. The use of the roller is dangerous in the event of a tight or non-compliant dif.


    After completion of Race 3 the top 3 and 2 random vehicles from both heats were tested for wheel alignment and ground clearance, no infringements were found.


    The total field was then checked for ground clearance, random fuel testing and fuel pump testing being a compliant fuel delivery system was in place and fuel pressure test for vehicles fitted with an electronic fuel pump. No infringements were found.


    At the completion of the final event the top 10 cars were scaled for weight, all compliant, the top 5 were then impounded where the top 3 heads were rolled, carburettors and manifolds were inspected, engine and head cc tests were measured, valves were roved and inspected. No infringements or irregularities were found.


    It was very pleasing  to find cars to be compliant to our tech specs for the entire weekend. I would encourage States to continue the eligibility checking similar to that of the Nationals, it does give confidence to ALL competitors.


    The final race was one of the best races I have watched with the lead changing several times and it was with the miss fortune of  Bruce Heinrich that the final winner actually got a winning margin. The entire event was an absolute credit to WA and HQ racing.


    Brett Osborn second time consecutive National Champion NSW

    Joel Heinrich first runner up SA

    Marc Watkins second runner up WA

    Graham Boulter Hard Charger SA


    A big thank you has to go to Joe Andriske for his pit crew (Ben Simpson) to assist in eligibility checking. Ben Simpson for his time and patience under duress from some competitors for eligibility checking and Wayne Nichols for his time and patience under duress from some competitors for eligibility checking.


    Hope to see you all and the next Nationals which tentatively will be at Tailem Bend, we are waiting for final approval from the track owners and the SA Sporting Car Club.


    Congrats to all (organisers, officials and competitors).




    David Ling


  • HQ Nationals 2017 - 9th to the 10th September:

    The HQ Nationals 2017 is shaping up to be an exciting event that will feature the best HQ's in the country. The event will take place on the 9th -10th September at the Barbagallo Raceway Wanneroo, WA. To find out more about the event and see the awesome HQ field entered, visit:





  • Queensland One Hour 2017 - Race Report:

    A solid entry list for the Queensland 1 Hour 2017 and the HQ Gemini  event was underway. On Friday the teams were met with wet and storm clouds, however, as the day rolled on the weather got a little better to allow the teams track time and get a grip with the QR in slippery conditions .


    Saturday the weather was perfect for racing and the day kicked off with qualifying.  Queensland’s Ben Simpson led the charge with a qualifying time of 1.38.2 followed by Nick Rangeley with a 1.39.6 and third place on the grid was Corey Willis. This session was still on a greasy track due to the heavy morning fog however it set the grid for driver A and the race later in the day.


    Up next was driver B to qualify. The heat had got into the track temp and times tumbled with Joe Andriske heading up the top slot followed in second place by Ben Simpson doing double duties and in third place was Jason Scrivener.


    Race 1 for the A drivers was underway with some serious upfront shuffling and a mean group on lap one that meant business. The next group back with Tim Boyle, Joe Andriske and Jason Scrivener the fight was on. Great racing mid pack with Josh Jackson from NSW was in the mix dicing it up with Daniel Currens, Scott Andriske and Nick Rangeley. Special mention to Natalie Wright and Kayla Mitchell who did a great job.


    At the chequered flag it was Ben Simpson home in first followed by Nathan Locker and Brock Mitchell.


    Race 2 for drivers B showed some great racing as the afternoon got late and the event almost started in the dark, in fact it did finish in the dark. Some great racing was had amongst those trying to negotiate braking markers in the dark of night and a great job by all drivers. There were groups of hard charges thought the field and it was quite a spectacle to see the HQs under lights and added to the events great feel and vibe.


    New south Welshman Duane Cambridge had a great run just sitting off the back of the angry pack as the night sky got darker the racing got more intense and the challenges under lights were just something else at turn three - great racing!


    Ben Simpson was off and running into the night sky with Joe Andriske in hot pursuit followed by Jason Scrivener rounding out the top three in that order .


    Sunday was race day for the Queensland 1 Hour.


    Full credit to the event organisers and team captain, Brian Goldfinch for a great event. It was hard work juggling the position of each driver but once this was set, the 2017 Queensland 1 Hour was underway on a perfect Queensland Sunday afternoon.


    Great start and the field headed to turn two. It was a clean start for all down the back straight and it was a sight to behold as Joe Andriske ,Tim Boyle and the Ben Simpson car were all on the job into turn three. From around  6th place  Brock Mitchell pulled off an outside move and took three cars by surprise to place the Queensland no 1 car into third place and looking like he was out to challenge. Next lap Mitchell, while exiting turn three, broke an axle that was the end of his 2017 one hour event.


    After the safety car period to move the Mitchell car back to pit lane, racing was back underway. There was some great racing throughout the field.  Duane Cambridge , Jason Levitt, Scott Andriske, Ben Simpson, Warren Parker, Scott Christie were all entertaining the crowd with good clean racing. Nathan Locker and car 41 were a solid 9th position, Scott Cameron climbed back into the Mitchell car to complete some laps of QR although as the car dropped laps with the axle repair the Mitchell/Cameron car was a DNF. Wayne Back, Daniel Currans and Natalie Wright in the Gemini were also deemed non finishers and a DNF classification.


    Final race results were Joe Andriskie collecting the prize with co-driver Ben Simpson, followed by Tim Boyle and his father, Rod, in car 89 and Ben Simpson sharing double duties with Brad Shomberg   also collecting 3rd position sharing the drive in car 31.


    Great event had by all. The eastern states should look at placing the Queensland 1 Hour on their calendars for 2018 along with the Winton HQ 4 Hour - another enduro for HQ’s later in December 2017.


    Visit the Gallery Page for more pics from the event.


  • Sydney Classic Speed Festival - 10 & 11 June 2017:

    We welcome HQ Holdens from around Australia to join this iconic Festival of Speed Event. To be held at Sydney Motorsport Park, Eastern Creek on Saturday June 10 - Sunday June 11 2017, The Sydney Classic Speed Festival will showcase the best of classic racing cars with a fun, 60’s/70’s themed festival atmosphere.


    Headlining the event are the phenomenal Formula 5000s - over 20 are expected to fill this grid. Fans can expect to see the legendary cars of this era including HQ’s, Commodores, Falcons, Skylines, Sierras and BMWs, plus the highly competitive Formula Fords who will also be celebrating their 50th Anniversary. The ever-popular Sports and Touring Cars such as Porsches, Mustangs, Camaros, Toranas and Minis will be a favourite as well as a new category for later model cars (up to 1997) being modern regularity. An amazing line up of Bathurst legends will line up for the Heritage Touring Cars first ever Pro-Am race. Expect to see some big names from the era, as well as current Supercar drivers and legends. There will also be themed entertainment, Retro and Car Club displays, and Sydney’s newest Concourse event, which should attract hundreds of the best display vehicles Sydney has ever seen!


    ENTRIES CLOSE 18th May, 2017.


    To enter, please visit the ARDC/CAMS online entry portal: www.sydneymotorsportpark.com.au/competitor.


  • HQ Holdens back at Bathurst on the Easter Weekend 2017:

    It was great to see at almost 60 HQ Holdens back at Mt Panorama, Bathurst for the 6 Hours Race on the Easter Weekend. The field consisted of many of the best HQ teams from across the country. Click on the link below to view the results from the awesome weekend of racing.


    Full Results for the 6 Hour Bathurst - Easter Weekend.



    Visit the Gallery Page to see some images from the event - thank you to Riccardo Benvenuti for the pictures.

  • Dates for the 2017 HQ National Titles:

    The 2017 HQ Nationals will be held in Western Australia. The dates for the 2017 Nationals, at this stage, will be the 9th & 10th of September.


    Make sure to mark the dates in your diary - HQ Holden Racing WA would love to see as many crews as possible compete in the event.


    Further information about the event will be available closer to the date.




  • Letter from the National Administrator Re: 2016 HQ Nationals Result:

    Hi All


    As most of you may now be aware there has been some controversy being highlighted on Facebook pertaining to the final results of the HQ National Title.


    The following is a bullet point, time line account of the circumstances:-


    • Colin Roper was contacted by a competitor as the eligibility of a conical shape valve spring. The competitor was advised that the valve spring is free however the valve spring retainer is not, as per rule 3.7 final paragraph of the HQRA 2016 Tech manual. The method of valve retention must be as envisaged by General Motors Holden in this application. This applies specification and application.


    • During post-race inspection it was noticed that the 1st place and 3rd placed vehicles had conical shaped valve springs and valve spring retainers to suit.


    • Discussion then took place with the State Appointed Eligibility Officer who advised he was of the opinion Colin Roper was incorrect and the valve springs and retainers did comply.


    • The State Eligibility Officer further explained that he had sort confirmation from the State HQRA President that his opinion of the valve spring and retainer was correct. The State Eligibility further added that the majority of the competition vehicles in the State had been sealed by him with the same conical shaped spring and retainer.


    • This could not be verified at the time with the State President has he was aligned with a competition vehicle that was being held in Parc Ferme.


    • A meeting was then held between the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place competitors, The State Sealing Officer, The National Eligibility Office and the National Administrator to discuss the matter. The 2nd place competitor advised to the meeting when asked, that he agreed that the valve spring retainer was not performance enhancing and would accept the results as standing.


    • The matter was advised to the Stewards of the meeting who agreed with the course of action that was taken.


    Whilst any matter like this is unpleasant I believe at the time the best outcome was achieved based on the information and events at the time.


    David Ling

    National Administrator

  • 2016 HQ Nationals Run and Won:

    Muswellbrook’s Brett Osborn has won the 2016 National Title held this weekend the 5th and 6th of November. Second place was Victoria's hard charging Andrew McLeod followed in 3rd place by NSW competitor John Baxter. Full report to follow.


    See www.natsoft.com.au for full results.





  • HQ 2016 Nationals - WANT TO BE SEEN ON TV?

    It is with great pleasure that the Committee of HQ Racing NSW announce that our TV partner for the 2016 HQ Holden Nationals will be Blendline Productions and that the 2016 Nationals event will be shown on Aurora TV - FOXTEL.




    We have 6 incar cameras available for the event which will allow you to showcase your sponsors on your dash board panel. The Cameras are $250.00 each and the fee is to be paid prior to the event. You will also receive all the action collected on a disc for you to keep. All cameras will be in your car for every heat including the shootout and both the main event and the repercharge.


    Should you wish to take up the in-car camera offer, please email David Cameron on davidc@ctfd.com.au or call 0418 492 302 for further details.


    Click Here to Download a Brochure



    Click Here to Download a Brochure


  • 2016 Ken Leigh HQ 4 Hour Enduro Documentation:

    Winton Motor Raceway Victoria

    2nd - 4th December, 2016


    Get your teams together for the 24th running of the best HQ endurance race in the country 3 days, 2 drivers, pit stops, wheel and driver changes, over 6 hours of track time.


    Click on the links below to download the Event Documentation:

    Supplementary Regulations

    HQ Enduro Special Regulations

    Entry Form


  • Darcy Lamb chosen as the National Anthem Singer for the HQ Nationals:

    HQ NSW as event organisers have great pleasure in welcoming one of the finest young singers in Australia as our guest singer of the Australian National Anthem prior to the start of the 2016 HQ HOLDEN Nationals on Sunday the 6th of November 2016.


    Darcy currently under the guidance of the Conservatorium of Music will perform on the Wakefield Park grid prior to start of the 2016 HQ Nationals.

  • 2016 Ken Leigh HQ 4 Hour Enduro - Save the Date:

    Winton Motor Raceway Victoria

    2nd - 4th December, 2016

    Get your teams together for the 24th running of the best HQ endurance race in the country 3 days, 2 drivers, pit stops, wheel and driver changes, over 6 hours of track time.


    For more details go to: www.wintonraceway.com.au

    Or www.hqracingvic.org

    Or contact Andrew McLeod on 0408 687 663


  • IMPORTANT HQ 2016 Nationals Information:

    Please find the 2016 Nationals Details in PDF form - click on the following links:






    The entries are online via the CAMS online system – read all detail VERY CAREFULLY.


    Please Note: Should you and your TEAM and/or CREW require EXTRA tickets to the GALA DINNER please fill out the form and either EFT as specified with car number - or post the form to PO Box as noted on the dinner EXTRA TICKET Requirements. Please remember you get (2) tickets with your entry. It will be a night not to be missed – special guests and guest speakers and some very BIG Announcements that will be a benefit to HQ Racing in Australia in 2017 and 2018 at the250- 300 person plus seated dinner.


    We will also have a Special Guest- PROFILE SPEAKER at the Mayoral Welcome Cocktail Party to be held at the Astor Hotel in the upstairs function room on Thursday evening, 3rd of November, after the test and tune day on the Thursday. We assume most participants will be arriving on the Thursday. For those seeking some extra track time please note there is not only the test and tune day on Thursday but there is a private practice day on Friday the 4th. All detail attached. Please note, the Mayoral Welcome Cocktail Party to the 2016 HQ Nationals is a FREE food evening of quality finger food for Crews and Drivers.


    We also thank our valued Partners for this Event:












    Event Patron - Mr Colin Bond

    Mayor of Goulbourn


    Thanking you, look forward to seeing as many of you from all over Australia come November,



    Dave Cameron

    President, for and on behalf of the Committee of HQ Racing NSW

  • HQ NSW Announce the 2016 Nationals Patron:

    HQ Racing NSW are most proud to announce that Mr Colin Bond will be the HQ NSW 2016 Nationals Patron in November. Colins place in Australian Motorsport and his career is second to none and his recent Hall of Fame induction speaks for itself.


    HQ Racing NSW welcomes Colin into the HQ family.


  • 2016 Fuso Truck Interstate Challenge Updated Point score:

    After Round 3 of the 2016 Fuso Truck Interstate Challenge, the Point score has been updated.


    Click Here to download the current point score.

  • 2016 Fuso Truck Interstate Challenge Round 2 News...

    Round 2 of the 2016 Fuso Truck Interstate Challenge was held on the 5th, 6th & 7th of August. Click Here to see the results from Race 1. Here are some images from the event:

  • 2016 Fuso Trucks Interstate Challenge - Round 2, Winton VIC - 5-7 August:



    Round 2 of the FUSO HQ Interstate  Challenge kicks off the weekend of the 5th, 6th & 7th of August at Winton Raceway. Phil Brock will be on the grid adding the famous Brock name to the entry list at this historic event. It also appears three of the Queenslanders are keen to grab points at Winton and plan to roll onto Morgan Park with a strong showing on their home track.



    Here is the current HQ entry list for the Winton Festival Of Speed:

    Joseph Andriske - QLD
    Allen Shuttlewood - QLD

    Scott Andriske - QLD
    Scott Cameron - NSW
    Adam Lowndes - VIC
    John Baxter - NSW
    Brett Osborn - NSW
    Glen McDonald - VIC
    Andrew McLeod - VIC
    Darren Jenkins - SA
    Warrren Trewin - VIC
    Carl McHenry - VIC
    Darryl Crouch - SA
    Perry Bekkers - VIC
    David Tessari - VIC
    John Wise - VIC
    Stephen Whyte - VIC
    Phil Brock - VIC
    Greg Wood - VIC
    Andrew Lorgelly - VIC
    Brendan Martin - VIC
    Mick Magilton - VIC
    Jole Heinrich - SA


    Click Here for more information about this exciting event.



  • 2016 Fuso Truck Interstate Challenge - Mt Panorama Bathurst NSW

    The Fuso Interstate Challenge got away to a great start on the 25th - 27th March with a huge roll up of entries from all over Australia.


    The time and effort put in by event organiser Dale Youd, the FUSO TRUCKS Interstate Challenge was set locked and loaded for a cracker weekend.


    Cars rolled off the trailers and rolled out of the trucks looking their very best as it was the first round for 2016.


    One of the weekends highlights was the team from WA and there excitement on arrival to the famous track.T hey were here, they were excited and they couldn’t wait to roll onto the most famous strip of bitumen in the land.


    The South Australians had arrived, the Queenslanders, the Victorians and the NSW teams rolled into town all looking shiny and bright - all ready to race the Mount.


    Friday morning and the wait was over. All the teams were lined up ready for the first practice session and the excitement wasn't just on the faces of the new comers - everyone had a smile. It was that time again to drive on that very famous road called Mount Panorama.


    Chaz Mostert, 2014 Bathurst Winner gave up some time and had a chat to the HQ boys about being safe and looking out for your fellow competitor and for all the new guys advising them enjoy the mountain however to also remember to be safe.


    The weekend was away. Event Director Dale Youd was finally, after weeks of hard work, able to relax as the cars rolled out of the dummy grid for race one on Saturday morning.


    The racing was on - from 1st place back to 55th place , the national champion- The Flying Dutchman - Rod Raatjes stamping his authority over the field.


    See www.bathurstmotorfestival.com.au for race result sheets for each of the (3) HQ Holden Fuso Trucks Interstate Challenge Races from Round 1 Mount Panorama.


    It was great to have Chaz Mostert, John Bowe and David Wall help at the Presentation. Congratulations to Rod Raatjes - the winner of the first round of the 2016 HQ Fuso Trucks Interstate Challenge and Brett Osborn who finished second for the weekend.


    On behalf of the entire entrants list, a special thank you to Rex Monahan who is one of the quiet behind the scenes guys at these events that puts in a great effort to work with Dale to make the 3 days of racing a pleasure and to Rexs children, Katherine and Michael, for all their hard work over the weekend of Bathurst. Thank you also to Bobby McGee for the Commentary and Bobby McGee for the organising of the entrants packs from Castrol - many thanks. All these extras go a long way and from all competitors many thanks to Castrol for the products for each and every entrant.


    To Fuso Trucks Australia, a very big thank you from all of the entrants and to have FUSO onboard for the Interstate Series and as the HQ 2016 nationals sponsor for the year 2016 is shaping up well and we look forward to Round 2 of the Interstate Series at the Winton Festival of speed in August, Round 3 at Morgan park in Queensland and the final round of the Interstate Series being the Nationals at Wakefield Park in Goulbourn, NSW.


    Click Here to view the Bathurst Images...



  • Congratulations to the 2015 National Champion

    Congratulations to the
    2015 National Champion:


    Rod Raatjes

  • Nationals 2016 Event Hosts HQ NSW - 3rd-6th of November 2016:

    HQ Racing Association of NSW cordially invites all members to Wakefield Park in 2016 for the running of the HQRA Nationals.


    Thursday: 3rd November 2016 - Setup from Noon and evening cocktail party.

    Friday: 4th November 2016 - Open practice and Administration

    Saturday: 5th November 2016 - Heats and Presentation Dinner

    Sunday: 6th November 2016 - Top 10 Shoot-Out: Repechage Race; Final Race & Presentation






  • National Body Elect a New National Patron:

    At the recent HQRA National Meeting, it was unanimously decided that Gavin Porteous would be honoured as the HQRA National Patron. We welcome Gavin Porteous (ASM) who is the most worthy Patron. Gavin has had a distinguished career in both sidecar racing and HQs, winning National and State Championships in both. After a career ending  accident on the Isle of Man in 1993, Gavin joined HQ Racing  in 1999. He is a fierce competitor and a valuable committee man who we are fortunate to have in our Association and as our patron.


    I look forward to meeting you all at various events in 2015.



    Gavin Porteous

2018 National Champion

Rod Raatjes:

2018 HQ Nationals:

2017 Sponsors: