Crossroads Civil Contracting HQ Nationals - 28th–30th August 2015:

Multiple Queensland Champion Gary Bonwick will make the journey to the Apple Isle to contest the 2015 Crossroads Civil Contracting HQ nationals , this isn’t the first trip for Bonwick and he is a fierce competitor who is very aware of what it takes to win a nationals. Victoria’s hard charging Andrew McLeod is also making the trip and currently his car is one of the bench mark  Mexican driven HQs. Ken Wright second generation HQ racer also from Victoria is on the boat and keen to run at the front. Put  Johnny Wise in the mix and Rocket Rod Raatjes along with Parsons, and Greg Wood - the Victorians are ready to rumble.


A great effort this year by Western Australia with no less than  8 entries, young Michael showed just how fast he is at last year’s nationals only to be out of the mix after suffering brake issues, however the hard charging Mick Woodbridge will be lurking to pounce along with Adam Butler, Brian Bo Pangler, Laurence Marsh, Phil Breen and Wayne Hedley the sand gropers haven’t made the journey for fun. However the Tasmanians are set locked and loaded for this 2015 event and none other than the  hard charging Ashlin boys - Shane and Phil, Barry Cassidy, last year’s Muscle Car Masters sensation Duane Preece, and Greg Praciak Crossroads Civil Contracting, add Paul Beechey, Todd Maxfield, Dale Stacey, Andrew Bennents, Steve Brearly, Joe Rattray, along with Neville Rattray and Parksides Autos Wayne Nicolls and add  the flying Andrew Toth and Craig James and Tassie’s set locked and loaded to put up a red hot show against the interstaters, don’t discount Brad Wickham, Nick Zambotti, Andrew Bird and Jason Bell. The Apple Isle is set for the challenge should all the stars align. Current national number 2 plate holder Queensland’s own champion, Jamie Furness will be one to watch, driving a Toth prepared car with Furness touches, Jamie is the dark horse and after running second in last year’s nationals Jamie Furness wants that number 1 plate on his door.


For more information about the event, please contact Sue Ashlin – 0438 516 370

National Body Elect a New National Patron:

At the recent HQRA National Meeting, it was unanimously decided that Gavin Porteous would be honoured as the HQRA National Patron. We welcome Gavin Porteous (ASM) who is the most worthy Patron. Gavin has had a distinguished career in both sidecar racing and HQs, winning National and State Championships in both. After a career ending  accident on the Isle of Man in 1993, Gavin joined HQ Racing  in 1999. He is a fierce competitor and a valuable committee man who we are fortunate to have in our Association and as our patron.


I look forward to meeting you all at various events in 2015.



Gavin Porteous

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